Express Recovery Services

Investment Fraud

We all know there can be a fine line between a legitimate business failing and investment fraud – something may happen that causes a business to become fraudulent, or a scam can be set up and ran to look like a legitimate investment opportunity. Yet regardless of how investment fraud arises, if you get stung, the important thing to remember is to not give up hope.

Binary Option Fraud

Normally sold by cold calling in a way similar to small company share scams, these frauds can be very sophisticated, with websites including trading platforms set up, allowing the investor to see their ‘trading profits’, which aids the appearance that the scammers are a legitimate investment business. Individual investors have lost more than £1 million in these scams.

Wallet Issues

We have recovered from all types of Crypto wallets including Bitcoin Wallets, Ethereum Wallets, DRK Wallets and Litecoin Wallets. We have specialist engineers that have completed hundreds of wallet recovery services for our clients around the globe.

Forex Fraud

The forex market (FX) is the world’s largest trading market. Since there are constant price fluctuations, this market can make institutions, companies and individuals a lot of money. Forex fraud is a growing problem and there is no guaranteed way to avoid it.

Work Flow

To ensure effectiveness in crypto recovery, we take the following steps:
Because of the vitality of the issue of lost cryptocurrency, we provide priority services for these cases. And our dedicated customer service team provides a single point of contact throughout the recovery process. Note that reporting a case of lost cryptocurrency early enough raises the chances of recovery.

Swift response to reported cases.
Proper analysis of the filed case.
Skilled expertise active recovery, and
Delivery of lost bitcoin.