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  1. I thought I was never going to get my money back after I was scammed of $250,000 but fortunately A friend of a friend told me about these Recovery company and I got my money back miraculously after paying for the service fee. Thank you Team Recovery Center 147.

  2. I am more than happy right now. I was able to recover my funds after my wallet was hacked. I was only told to pay a little fee, Thanks for your service.

  3. Words can’t express the way I feel right now. I am so glad I have my funds back in my wallet.

    1. I thought it was not going to be a fruitful journey but God be praised as I have my funds back in my wallet. Thank you Recovery Center 147 and thanks for the little service fee you charged me.

  4. Was quite skeptical of your credibility but your service was above perfect and Thanks for charging little fee for your service.

  5. To be honest, I never knew I could get back my funds. I want to thank the whole Recovery Center 147 Team. I received all my lost funds

  6. What a way to start the month. I can’t believe my eyes. I just got back my $125,000 Ethereum. Thank you

  7. Recovery Center 147 Team really did a great work in recovering my funds from those scammers, I can’t thank you guys enough. Thanks for restoring my hopes and fortune.

  8. I contacted a recovery service immediately after I got scammed, I got scammed again then I decided to contact another one and I got in touch with Recovery Center 147 and all my funds were recovered after paying for the service fee

  9. I got my money back within 5hours. Thank you so much Recovery Center 147. I never knew there are still REAL recovery service, thanks for your service

  10. My Recovery Expert really did a great work for me. I lost my Bitcoin 5years ago and she recovered it back for me with the details I gave her, I was so surprised when I got my Bitcoin back to my new wallet.
    Thank you Recovery Center

  11. The Recovery expert did a great work in recovering my funds… Thank you and thanks for reducing my fees for me lol

  12. Top notch service, I got my litecoin that I lost to scammer 6years ago. Thanks to the experts

  13. Recovery Center 147 is the absolute best. my long time lost $125k ethereum is recovered today by the experts, Thanks

  14. Yo these guys are fast af, $137500 was cleared from my account few days ago and I contacted them, the expert assigned to me sorted it in less than two days after paying for the service fee. Thank you

  15. Being a victim of scam makes you so insecure and I honestly didn’t trust them at first I was just hopeful and I feel so happy to have my Bitcoin popping again in my account. Thanks for recovering my Bitcoin for me

  16. Trust me, these guys are way more resourceful that I can ever credit for. I received my ethereum back to my wallet account within 5hours.

  17. Need your funds back after being scammed in any way? This is the right place, Recovery center 147 can recover back your funds for you. They did mine and thanks to my expert.

  18. They really sorted it out, my bitcoin was recovered and I received it back to my wallet account faster than I expected.
    The service fee is very very affordable. Thanks

  19. They are actually more affordable than I thought and they are actually fast with the whole recovery process thing as well.

  20. I really hope this recovery company exists for a long time cause I’m damn sure people need help, and I hope people find Recovery Center 147 so they can get their money back just like I got mine back from the scammer that scammed me

  21. Finding a trust worthy recovery service company is really challenging but it feels good to know I wasn’t duped again, thanks for recovering my funds.

  22. One of my workers referred me here and I’m happy I have no doubt about your work. Thanks for all you do for me

  23. My crypto currency wallet was recovered within few days of me asking him to help me. He did an exceptional job and was very truthful with the entire process.

  24. You Proved That You Provide An Honest And Transparent Service Which Is Hard To Come By These Days, Especially In The Crypto Space. Where even others failed in recovering my bitcoin for me, you succeeded in less than 24hour. This made my day. Thanks again !

  25. He was helpful, knowledgeable and was able to help me out. I would recommend to anyone who got scammed through Investment and Binary.

  26. This recovery service is a life saver. I thought my coins were gone for good when those bastard scammer scammed me but after some days when I make payment for his service my bitcoin was recovered back to my wallet account. THANK YOU !

  27. Fast service. He Recovered my $245,400 from the scammers even though I paid him small amount for his service but David was still able to happily accommodate. This is a great trustworthy service.

  28. David in less than 10 days managed to recover my 25.3455 Ethereum lost on September 2019 and he was able to recovered it back for me yesterday. The recovery really make a big difference in my life because I needed it so much and Thanks for receiving a low service fee from me.

  29. Dave did exactly as promised and managed to access the scammer wallet and recover my cryptocurrency, taking the agreed service fee and I received my BTC. Highly recommended for anyone who got scammed and needs to get back their funds.

  30. He managed to solve my issue the same day I contacted him and I saw my bitcoin back in my wallet account. In David I trust !

  31. Dave is legit and after a few years of trying to recover my BTC from the binary scammer I had lost all hope . He got my BTC back yesterday. MY HERO!!

  32. Over 1000 ETH was locked for months. Paid 20% for brute force and other tools which Dave use for my work.
    Thank you so much for helping me David.

  33. He recovered my ETH worth of $650,000 today after a busy week of him working on my funds recovery, It’s such a relief that I had recovered all my funds and I’m super excited and thankful.

  34. Not only did he successfully recover my Bitcoin from the fake binary option scammer, he also gave proactive advice on how to transfer my coin and setup a secure new wallet account

  35. The fee he charged was 20%, so I got back my 26 BTC which the scammer stole from me and I thought I will never recover any of them ! Thank you so much Hacker David.

  36. It was a big risk to try it out at first in my opinion, but after he recovered my BTC back from the Alibaba scammer then I knew this guy is legit. you are the best David !

  37. Hacker David made me and my wife happy again. he was able to retrieve our litecoin and his service really worked for us.

  38. It was a very pleasant surprise that he was able to crack the scammer wallet account, and we received our eth back. A great service.

  39. It was a very pleasant surprise that he was able to trace and track the scammer wallet and we got back our funds after adding the required amount to our Trust wallet account

  40. I would like to take the time to not only commend the honesty shown here but also recommend David to other people in the future for his outstanding work

  41. It was a very pleasant surprise that he was able to track and trace the scammer wallet account and he was honest enough to move out the whole funds in the scammer account to my Wallet account.

  42. He was very friendly, honest and transferred back 100% of my BTC after his work and He doesn’t accept upfront fee

  43. I am absolutely impressed and in awe of the services I got from Hacker David. Absolutely wonderful!

  44. David was very helpful and helped me save some money cause he bought most of the tools with his own money. In less than 48hours, I was able to recover back my funds.

  45. I wanted to take a moment to express my utmost satisfaction with the service provided by David. The amount of funds he recovered back for me exceeded my expectations….

  46. It was Quick and easy for Hacker David to find the scammer wallet account and he walked me through the process for me to withdraw the funds, Thanks for restoring my hope back Hacker David…

  47. Fast and Great service from Hacker David, I got back my $286k within 48hours. YOU ARE THE BEST CHAMP

  48. An acquaintance referred me to Recovery Hero, my situation was so critical that I had to seek for solution. I can’t thank you him enough for helping me recover my btc and helping me out of my misery. I am grateful

  49. Thanks Recovery Hero for recovering my btc you have no idea of the good you have done for me and my family. I remain grateful.

  50. You are a life saver, I can’t thank you enough for retrieving my funds and helping me get back on track in my business. I really appreciate. Recovery Hero (Hacker David)

  51. Thank you guys for not giving up on me and for being patient with me. I knew at some point I began to lose my patience because it took longer than I was initially told and you kept giving instructions which I didn’t take serious. I became scared and felt it was another scam but I want to thank you for being patient with me till all my funds were recovered. Thanks alot Hacker David.

  52. My experienced at Recovery Hero was very wonderful, I was a disturbance to the Hacker David, I was scared of being scammed all over again so I kept calling them every minute. His hospitality was overwhelming, He kept encouraging me and giving me hope. Until all my funds were recovered. I say a very big thanks to you you David.

  53. I am eternally grateful to you Hacker David for helping me recover my bitcoins and getting back into the crypto world again.

  54. Thank you Recovery Hero(hacker david) for helping me recover my life savings from a fake company. I owe you guys a lot.

  55. Its still a surprise to me that I got back my scammed lifesavings within 24hours, I’m so grateful to you Mr David.

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